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Background Checking

Screening and Background Checking

Despite the increase of background checking and surveillance for the pre-employment screening for the potential candidates, there are increase of the demand from the clients on background checking on particular staff, business partner, supplier, vendors, maids and even though student from the education institution.

We are mainly serve our following clients in locally, Singapore which is related to investigation related cases.

  • Business and corporation
  • Education Institution
  • Insurance companies
  • Suppliers and Vendor
  • Individual

The extend of screening and background checks will depend on the individual requirement and rate will varies for case to case basic. Following are the some aspect of screening areas that commonly applied:

1. Identity verification ( Business/ Personal)

Confirmation of the basic identity such as name, DOB, business/ corporation registration ( ACRA) and Singapore address.

 2. Name/Address history.

Identify the history of past address used by the subject/ corporation and trace back the possibility of past records and history.

3. Criminal Check.

There are some organisation required to carry out the background check on the criminal although the staff has been declared as the additional security on the roles on the post and in the company.

4. Surveillance

There are cases when the client is suspected their employee or student are moonlighting or perform illegal offences, private investigation on surveillance to the particular person will be adopted.

The background checking is not a full prove method as there are gaps and grey boundary for the availability and reliability of the sources. The time frame of investigation and data update will also affects the accuracy of the finding.However, it is serve as initial protection and with combination of physical surveillance will further ascertain the evidence collected is reliable.

Our recent assignment to check on the air-conditioning company supervisor that taking the company resources to do his freelance job has been caught and recorded. All this are able to done secretly with our experience and train detector.

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