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Commercial Investigation


About Commercial Investigation

Commercial investigation which is integrating in depth local knowledge and experiences in various type of cases is required by the agency.

We believe the important of business reputation and employee integrity are key factors in the success of a company. By earlier detection and action taken, the common crimes or breaches that can reduce dramatically on negative  branding to the company and financial impact. Be it small to big corporation, such commercial breaches and fraud incident are happen daily and shall treat it seriously.

suffer the fraud claim ?

What are the common crimes and breaches ?

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Trading or Disclosure of trade secrets
  • Receiving Kickbacks
  • False claims
  • Siphoning monetary related or businesses to others
  • Unethical practices
  • etc.

Working hand-in-hand with client representatives, appointed solicitors, auditors etc. to trace and screen every potential facts and gather the evidence and evaluate the facts finding. An interim progress report will be update from time to time and comprehensive investigation reports will be submitted upon completion. If necessary, we will stand as a witness for civil proceeding as discussed.

The extensive commercial investigation experience can help you to identify the signs of evidences of a fraud in a timely and discreetly manner.

A highly trained and familiar with corporate business environmental in Singapore is needed in the case.

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