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Computer Forensics

The Private Investigator or Detective is not only required to be able to collect the information and surveillance on physical manner, but also on the technologies way. Thanks to the computer and internet revolution and advancement. The PI that unable to catch up with technologies will be slowly face out and will miss out a lot of information and data require by the case.

More and more people are holding on smartphones, corresponding with email, socialise in social internet and holding a computer for their daily activities. There are some many valuable information can be traced their behaviour, activities, people they communicate or interact with. With aid of forensic software, all the data can be obtained when a Private Investigator has a knowledgeable expert on Computer Forensic.

computer forensic by Private Investigator

There are some essential tools and skill required by Private Investigator such as cracking the password of computer, x-ray investigation tool and special programming to take behind screen history of internet use, data deleted in order to assembly the facts and evidence.

The Private Investigator that equipped with computer forensic capability will put them in better advantage with other conventional Private Investigator Agency which is still heavy rely on physical surveillance to obtain evidence.

There are many cases when investigation of commercial, matrimonial or premarital cases, the PI is required to have quick retrieving of data from the business partner or spouse computer or smartphone. Without in-depth knowledge and skill, the case might be taking longer time to resolved. Of course, all the conduct and information must be obliged to the legal and follow the guide lines  in order to admissible to court.

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