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The first questions of potential client will ask is : How much does a private investigator cost? How is fee calculated for the case? What are the charges are included and what is the exclusion? 

The question above is quite difficult to answer as there are many cases the fee and cost may varies depend on the complexities and resources involvement. Some general fees guidelines for reference.
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1. Hourly Fees

A  local hour rate start from S$ 50 Call & Ask to provide professional advise and investigation services for the hours worked and within an agreed upon before kick start. Of course, the rate also depend on the nos of team involved and varies to size of investigation team.

2. Packages Fee

For cases involved longer investigation will be offered in packages ( 30 hour packages) with just $ 1,200.00 and/ or on special hour rate. Our listed PI agency will need reasonable hours to perform surveillance or investigation to obtain solid results. Talk to us for discussion how we can use the shortest time possible to get the results by our listed PI agency.

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3. Surcharge
The cost of hour rate or packages doesn’t include any other fees beyond the surveillance. Such as but not limited to specially entrance fees, accommodation and other association which will be charged and borne by the client, for sure to obtain the client approval before hand.

If you are looking for a cheap, freelance or unlicensed private investigator ( not registered under Singapore Police Licensing Regulatory Department), we may not be your choice.

Our PI agency will work with a client and provide a thorough, comprehensive, realistic, ethical investigation and work hand in hand to get the result.

Customized Investigation

Most of enquires are always not simple and well defined. The agency will study the case and find effective and ethical solutions to tailor suite our client case. The first meet up session, they will advise whether can help you on your case or not. If they can’t help you, please inform us or help you find someone who is better suited. We can follow your preference and schedule to follow the target to local hotel or overseas homestay house.

Guarantee Results ?

We can’t guarantee for any results that you are looking at. No fabricated any results to “pleased” our client or obtained the evidence in any illegal means. Our listed PI agency will not guarantee any results, but our agency will provide necessary assurance for full commitment to delivery the results.

What is Your Budget?

Despite the client is asking us on the fees, we will go to ask ” what is your budget”. Why is that so? By understand your budget, we will get a sense of what are the solutions is within your range and advise it accordingly. There is no point if your limited budget to investigate on a complex cases which may not getting any results after use up your budget. We will advise you accordingly.

There are a lot of PI agency is offering high fees and sub-contracting out to the small PI firm. Beware for the such industrial practice and pay for your service wisely.



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75 Responses so far.

  1. Elvin Cheong says:

    Would require surveillance services on cheating spouse from 31st dec 2015 to 06 Jan 2016 (7nights) 8pm onward from fixed location to suspected ‘hideout’, require evident on ‘Unreasonable behavior’. Budget at $3000, appreciate your advise.





  3. Jary Kwan says:

    I need to find my ex-wife current address to serve a court order. I only know her known area and places which she will be to fetch my son from kindergarden. Please advice.

  4. Tor says:

    missing person request.

    information available: DOB, Singapore ID, last address.

  5. Juliet says:

    I need to catch the idiot man
    I got spyware installed on his tablet.

  6. faith says:

    I am thinking of engaging a PI to check on my hubby. He is always texting on his mobile and going out. Would like to speak to someone who can advise me the options available

  7. Carol Shao says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to engage a private investigator for spousal surveillance purpose. May I know the cost. Thanks


  8. Lionel says:

    Hi, I’m looking for evidence for a good friend on her cheating Husband. What is the cost like, and what information is needed. Much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  9. Faith2 says:

    Need to engage PI for spouse surveillance.

  10. SeeTee says:

    Need to know if a vehicle of a known number plate (except the last alphabet) is still used in Singapore and if so where is the owner staying.

  11. Kong says:

    I suspect my husband is hvg an affair with his colleague .. Normally. They will hv meeting for breakfast snd lunch.. Also in the car park.. Need monitoring like from 8.30 to 10 daily .. What si the fee?

  12. Ash says:

    Hi I would like to have my hubby under surveillance. Contact me for more details and the cost. Thanks a lot!

  13. Privateye says:

    I need assistance of oversea surveillance as I suspected my spouse is booked a homestay house in coming Month.

  14. Miss Loh says:

    Suspect boyfriend cheating. Need to find out who is the other one.. I only have this person’s name but I do have details of boyfriend.
    What are my options? Thanks.

  15. -- says:

    Wants to enquire the price for a check for my husband-to-be. His attitude towards me totally changed and he changed his phone password. Need to make sure I marry the right guy.

    • Ms Lee says:


      I needed your service to tail someone for about 2-3 hrs a day from Friday to Sunday . Just for 3 days to provide some pictures of who this someone mix with whenever he is outside . Pls contact me to provide a fee quote. Thanks

  16. Ting says:

    Need to check on suspected cheating Boyfriend that works in the restricted areas most of the time. Able to provide me with the rates ?

  17. Jie says:

    Need to check where this driver staying

    Information : car plate.

  18. Rene says:


    I would need assistance urgently as I found out my husb overnight at a hotel in Singapore last night at 12.30am. They will be checking out today.

  19. R says:

    Can quote rates to check on husband suspicious behaviours?

  20. teddy says:

    I want to check on someone activities for after office hours and weekends. please advise the duration needed and rates.


  21. Lee says:

    Need to check routine of a person after work. An hour or 2 on certain days only. Ac hoc

    Please let me know your rate.

    Thank you

  22. Anna says:

    Hi, i need my husband to b under surveillance as he tends to “disappear” about 5-7hrs in at least once or twice a week. (Not picking up any calls or replying any msgs). May i know whats the rates? Please help. Thank u.

  23. D says:

    I want to check on my fiance activities for after office hours (sometimes in customers place) and weekends. certain days only. please advise the duration needed and rates.

  24. Dzul says:

    In need of private investigator to find out whether my wife is cheating or not.
    Budget is 500 to 800.

    Please advise.

    • Axl Remy Abdul Rahman says:

      I need it for my wife to be too to make sure I didn’t marry the wrong girl. Too much tell tale signs already. Help. Ard same budget.

  25. Starman says:

    I need someone to help me track where my Ex is. I cant get over her 🙁

  26. Lai Lian says:

    I want to find an old schoolmate from Upper Serangoon Technical School in around 1983-1985. I have his full name, year of birth, last known address and a photo of him.

    What is the cost and how long dies it take to find?

    Thank you.

  27. rin says:

    what is the rateslike to check on wife cheating or doing anything suspicious.can reply me back via email at

  28. Meh says:

    Need to check on suspected cheating bf. What will the rate and duration be? Thank you

  29. Nizam says:

    I want to check on someone activities for weekends. please advise the duration needed and rates.

  30. vincent says:

    I need to check where is my wife working and as what nite after work i want to know who n how she come back home

  31. Ashley says:

    Need help to investigate on a matter.

  32. Coleman says:

    Would like to ask for quote to follow someone flying to Guangzhou from 5 Oct to 13 oct.

  33. Sylvia says:

    I would like to know what my father is doing outside of his work, and who he is interacting with. Mum suspects affair. Please advice.

  34. PM says:

    Would like to ask for quotation for gather evidences that this woman provides “special services” to customers in the spa.

  35. Joanna says:


    I need to check on my helper’s off day activities as I am suspecting her doing some “hanky panky stuffs” with other foreign workers.

  36. Nurhayati Natasha says:

    Hi, i need my husband to b under surveillance as he tends to “disappear” about 5-7hrs in at least once or twice a week. (Not picking up any calls or replying any msgs). May i know whats the rates? Please help. Thank u.

  37. Ms Chen says:

    Looking for missing person.

    Info available: name as per NRIC, NRIC number, DOB and contact number.
    Please advice.

  38. Bee says:

    I need to check my husband when he is out of the house on his day. What is the cost for 1-2 hours ? 2-3 time a week? Thanks

  39. Wynn says:

    Checking the whereabouts of my partner. What’s the fees?

  40. choo says:


    I just need a finger screening on 1 of my item to find out who is the one who touch it before. incident happen on oct 2017, still have a chance to find the true and what is the cost.


  41. Lee Fu Hon says:


    Would like to check if you do check on moonlighting foreign worker?

    best regards,

  42. Soon says:

    Hi want to track this his real bio data. what is the charges like.


    • Curious Lee says:

      A lady is calling my boyfriend “laogong” in his whatsapp msg.

      what is the cost to find out their conversation and export the whatsapp chat history?

  43. Star42 says:

    Hi, i would like to find out who my husband is meeting on most friday nights. He say will be out drinking till comes home ard 4-5am the next morning. Curious to find out who this group of bad friends.

  44. Woman says:

    Need to check details of the holiday of a friend who will be visiting Singapore soon. How much will it cost?

  45. Sam says:

    Need to catch cheating partner.
    Please advise.

    Short project. Provide proofs.
    Kindly advise

  46. Jacqueline says:

    What is the rate for investigations of cheating spouses?

  47. Brandon says:

    Suspect my wife is having an affair. Can I please have a quote? Thank you.

  48. Miu says:

    I need to check if my boyfriend is the right guy to marry or not. He goes to overseas (alone) very often. Please advise.

  49. Kelvin says:

    Dear sir,

    My wife who is a vietnamese, holding a long term visit pass, currently not staying with us because she say that she is stressed staying with my family. She brought back my kid to vietnam on 05/12/18 and was reluctant to come back, but last week 06/03/19, they came back to sg. Now my kid is staying with me but she stayed at her friend house.

    She is now staying at haig road with her friend and she told me is nearer to her work place. I suspected that she is working in a ktv or pub around joo chiat. I did not question her because she will be thinking that i do not trust her.

    Is there any way to find out the following?
    1. Her exact working location and the name of the pub or ktv.
    2. Did she go out with customer? 3. Any particular man picking or sending her home?
    4. Her working timing
    5. Her daily routine
    6. What is she working as?

    I believe she start work around 6 or 7pm and end at ard 3am. Thanks

  50. Florence ng says:


    We are suspecting that our MD is having an illicit relationship with our HR cum finance.

    However we need to produce concrete evidence to confirm our suspicions and submit them to our head office.

    Please advise on how we should move forward and a quote us on your rates.

  51. Huiting says:

    We have a worker who was injured during a work incident in Feb 2019. We had changed his work pass to special pass as he had commenced a civil suit against the company.

    We received tip off that he could be faking his medical condition and working illegally elsewhere. Hence we would like to engage a PI to ascertain on thsi.

  52. Kevin Ng says:

    Hi I am interested in spouse surveillance services when I am overseas.

  53. Alexis Lee says:

    Would like to check my upstairs noisy neighbour, please advice.

  54. Celia Tan says:

    Lately my husband has been texting on his handphone and chat behind closed doors.

    Now he even has a password to access to his handphone which he never had done so before.

    Please let me know your cost as I only need your PI services to tail him for 2-3 days will do.

  55. Joelle says:

    I suspect my partner is still having an affair with his ex and would like to engage your service to gather some evidence.

    What are the options that is available? Please advice.

    Could someone contact me please?

  56. Alan Soh says:

    I am looking for a PI for adultery investigation.
    Please contact me for a discussion.


  57. Axl Remy Abdul Rahman says:

    I need it for my wife to be too to make sure I didn’t marry the wrong girl. Too much tell tale signs already. Help. Ard same budget.1

  58. Ian says:

    Hi I lost the contact with my girl friend, I know her DOB and surname, is it possible to find her new phone number?

  59. June says:

    I suspect my husband is having affair and I need evidence. Please let me know your rate.

  60. worried says:

    I want to check on someone activities for after office hours and weekends. please advise the duration needed and rates.

  61. Layling says:

    want to check on someone activities for after office hours and weekends. please advise the duration needed and rates.

  62. SA says:


    I suspect my partner is still contacting and meeting her ex bff.

    I need your service to tail him 2-3 days to get evidence.

    Kindly provide me your quotations.

    Thank you.

  63. wifey says:

    My husband is visiting Singapore, I want his whereabouts tracked for Dec 14 & 15. Is this something you can help me with? And please let me know what your charges are.

  64. Cindy says:

    Hi, my close friend’s boyfriend went uncontactable all of a sudden, only have his hp number, carplate number and workplace, need to locate his home address and whether he is in Singapore. May I know the charges? Thanks.

  65. Andrew Lee says:


    Would like to track someone movement, where she has been to, and who she has been with over a couple of weekday nights and over the weekend. And also to see if can get some data on her contact number and address, and also if she is with someone, that person’s contact number and what this person do.

    How can I find a simple PI agency to help with this?


  66. Tan says:

    I suspect that my daughter boyfriend is a con man. He is an Indian national, can I have a quote please.

  67. Ms Lee says:

    Need to check the routine of someone after work and weekends just for a few hours .

    Let me know how to go about it and the charges . Thanks

  68. Nanithamby Balachandran says:

    Looking for someone who can track my spouse movement and track what has shee been doing

    Need to the cost and chargers of your service

  69. Tan says:

    Looking for someone to extract whatsapp conversation of my girlfriend

    Looking for her curent stay location

    Please quote the price and will it go about?

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