Background Check on Your Tenants

Landlord always not carry out Background Check for Tenant

Before they move in

Most of landlord in Singapore are not carry out renter background check on the renters or tenants. They are always thinking the property agent who is assist them on rent out the place will carry out the background check on them before sign on the doted line.

Is this a norm or unusual practice? They are not common services available easily to provide a quick tenant screening services in Singapore. The information on the tenants whether is local or foreigner or student always not easily available.

When the rental market is hot, the landlord can be a little bit picky on the type of tenants, but when the market is on the way side, a due diligence checking is necessary as any ex-offences or criminal records may create trouble to you and worst case the HDB house is seizure by government ( check out our previous blog).

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What are the Main Background Check on the Tenants?

  • Permit Validity

  • Criminal and Civil Records

  • Credit Check


If your tenant is foreigner, you shall check with MOM and confirm periodical  the tenants are holding the valid permit, you shall not accept blindly although they can show the ” valid physical permit” but actual it is not the case.

It should include both criminal and civil records ( locally or their home town). Although in Singapore is a safe place and properly regulated, we never know what is the background of the persons and what is their occupation and whether they have been evicted anything before, or is under a sexual predator watch and make your house to be another place to conduct illegal activities and storage any control items.

They might be just release back to society and eagerly required a shelter and your house and apartment may be one of their choice.

As a landlord, this is your responsibility to conduct a proper tenant background check and shall not wait till the day ” bad apples” slip into your home and you have to face the consequences.

Don’t rely fully on the “free screening” offer from the property agents, the initial check on the validity of permit may be not a full proof. As a landlord, if you suspect of anything unusual, a complaint/ feedback from the neighbours, a in depth investigation will rest assure to have a peace of mind.

Credit check shall be the least important compare with others, the worst case of default payment by the tenants, we  have to force them move out and you may lose the rental for few months. This is provided, they are leaving or vacant possession the house nicely and do not leave any scrap and create damages to your property.

The important of the screening may look not so important for most landlord but it is important to screen out the rapist, murderers and sexual predators away from your place and help keep your place and neighbour safe.

The screening shall made before they move in and at reasonable interval to perform a spot check on your tenants.

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