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Fraud case that Involving Employee of Pocketing Money

Commercial Fraud that involving employee

The recent  commercial crime/ fraud case that involved an a shipping firm employee using variety methods to reimburse cash and pocket it more than $200,000.00 and using it to cover the debt of gambling.

According to the news, she has cheated her employer to pocket the extra cash by reporting other staff clocked shifts that they had not done and taking out loans for employees. The case has been surfaced out when she is lying  of had been robbed of $34,000 for the worker’s salaries and being questioned by the police.

If she is committed the offence, she could jailed up to 15 years and fined for each of criminal breach of trust. For each count of cheating her employer into handing over its property, she could have been sentenced to up to 10 years in jailed and fined.

They are more cases as such is not being covered or detected by employer unless there is complaint or found suspicious of the staff or employee.

The tails sign of suspicious activities can be confirmed with a professional investigation, surveillance and tracking on the employee with appropriate methods. Private Investigator will be a type source to uncover the truth and confirming the fraud cases by gathering the evidences and prove for the cases.


With such commercial fraud activities are getting complex and involving from top management to bottom front line, necessary action and remedial action plan that quick response can have the company to minimise the losses in revenue and image of the brand.

Why Private Investigator

By appointing the private investigator to involve in finding of fraud cases, discussion with PI to come out a plan of tracing and uncover the truth  in order to gather the prove and evidences can be more effective  and professional way for businesses.

Don’t let such commercial fraud affect the business operation, can assist businesses to obtain and solve the cases in one way and the other. Our Private Investigator & Detective are experience on commercial investigation and we are provide best and reliable package for corporate client.

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