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Phone Tracker to Catch Cheating Spouse?

You are feeling suspicious and doubt on your spouse, and thinking ways to track your suspected ” cheating spouse” via phone. Something is not that right but the uneasy feeling which is can’t figure out may lure you in temptation to know and track your spouse.

Is there any phone tracker to record and track my spouse so that you can know whether he/she is having affair and cheating behind you? The answer is yes and no.

Phone tracker catch cheating spouse

Phone tracker and Spyware App

Let’s explore the “YES” option. There is such phone tracker and spyware in the market that “claimed” there are be able to perform the tracking and record of the location

The apps can be downloaded to the phone and forward emails, calls and texts to the user.

Some apps like ” Glympse“, can share the location in real time with you and let you know the route they are travelling via the phone GPS.

WayGPStrackerFamily Location is another phone app that claim they can track all your family mobile phone with a single account that obtain real time location update and locate their movement “quietly” behind their knowledge.

Some apps required you to pay the regular “maintenance fee” and subscription so that you can view the record via the monitoring platform on-line. The effectiveness of the apps are usually beyond tested and some apps are banned in Singapore and not allowed to ‘publicly” used.

The “No” side of Spyware 

These apps are mostly raise the moral and legal question about the offence under the Privacy and Abuse Act to assess others properties without authorization.

You may argue that, I am on my good faith want to know more about my spouse”safety” so that can track them when in “lost”. The ownership of the property ( the smartphone) is in question in the case when you perform the tracking. Without authorization and concern, this is a encroaching the privacy of others and it is in legal question.

Let’s say you claim that the phones are your’s, it is under your name and the bill is paid by you monthly, do you have the authority to track the movement? This is grey area and is raised in moral issues indeed. Your spouse may defend on this is act without his/her consent and breach the personal privacy too.

Next will be the fake ” spyware” in the market.  The app is claimed that it can perform various type of function but in actual fact you paid to become a victim of losing out your personal data and information instead. This is another phi-sing technique by the hacker to illegal still your information on your computer or phone. Be careful to prevent fall in the trap!

The other down side of the “phone tracker” is always causing your phone drain off battery more quickly and using up your mobile data. The phone will become too slow and clash with the operating system in many cases.

Most of cases, the apps required physical access of the phone, allow the changes of setting and permission of notification and accepting GPS enable by the phone’s owner.

The worst part is most of the record and ‘evidence” you collected via “illegal or grey area mean” may not be able to admissible in the court”. Your hard work may be able to pay off and end up being sue in worst case.

What is other Option ?

You may consider to invite your spouse to install some sharing apps instead.

1. Find My Friends

Find My Friends for iPhone and Android allows you to keep up to speed on when your spouse leaves work. The app syncs with phone contacts and maps on the iphone and allow to interact with the selected network or friend.

2. My Iphone

The my Iphone apps is another good app to locate the phone location and in some case it also help you to locate the lost or stolen phone via apple Maps.

If you are thinking to to phone track your cheating spouse, you can consider to have more social media connection with your spouse. The share location apps in the social media can also give you a tail signs of his/her location and “check in” function. There are many others “legal” way to track the cheating spouse via other means.

Of course, if you spotted any suspicious and strongly believe your spouse is cheating on you, get Private Investigator or Detective to surveillance and collecting the evidence that admissible in court.  They are other alternative methods that help in adultery case as such.

Still thinking of phone tracker ? Think twice, think many time. We can advise you on this.

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