Rejoice a ” Divorce” like a Drama

Rejoice a ” Divorce” like a Drama

 Can Divorce Like a Drama ?

A worth to watch video clip demonstrate how to rejoice the divorce can be. Life can be like a drama.

When this husband asked for a divorce, his wise and resourceful wife had just one request: to hold her every day for one month. As each day of the month progresses, they visit places that were once meaningful to them in their relationship. At the end, she agrees to sign the divorce papers but his reaction will make you believe in love again.

Don’t think it is a drama, we are the director of our life.

 If  he is stopped loving you, no hug and nothing could make him want you back. If he wants a divorce, the love might be long gone.  According to the statistic in the clip, more than 3 million people, only a few thousands agree to remarry, so the majority remain separated.
Life is not a love story, it’s cruel and harsh. Be brave. If he hurts you by asking a divorce, you can find another one to never want to separate from you again. Be the few thousand and don’t give up the last hope.
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