Unauthorised Sub Letting HDB, facing Seizure

The high court has been dismissed the flat owners and Housing Boards Singapore (HDB) has the right to acquire the flat due to unauthorised sub-letting. Read more about the case in news.asiaone.

According to the HDB rules and regulations, the flat owner shall file the application for sub letting the entire flat within three months. The flat owner wish to sublet the entire flat also must meet the 3 or 5 year minimum occupation period ( MOP) before doing so.

The flat owner shall know the responsibilities and obligation before subletting as follows listed in HDBinfoWEB. Listed a few for quick reference:

  • Making sure the flat is sublet to eligible subtenants only;
  • Making sure that there is no overcrowding and the number of subtenants does not exceed the maximum number allowed;
  • Making sure that your subtenants have entered and are remaining in Singapore lawfully at all times (while the subletting is ongoing);
  • Making sure that your subtenants comply with all the covenants in the lease and the provisions of the Housing & Development Act and that you are responsible for all infringements, if any, committed by them;
  • Informing HDB of any changes in the subletting agreement;

The flat owner shall due diligently to ensure the tenants are holding valid permit and lawful  residents in Singapore.  He/ she shall check periodically check with Immigration and checkpoint (quick links to ICA) from time to time.

If flat owner is not excise  due diligently or fail to report and inform authority in time, the consequence for the case listed above has resulted compulsorily acquire the entire flat by the HDB for unauthorised subletting.

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