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Background Check by Companies on Potential Hires

There are more companies inn Singapore are hiring experts to carry out the background checks on their potential candidates or staff. The screening of the candidates or staff carry out on initial hiring stage and there are some during a period time to detect the fraud claim by the staff.

In the recent news published on Oct 2014 in Asia One,  the background check carry out by companies are commonly on salary that stated, education qualification and reasons for resignations. For high profile cases of cheating has getting more attention by many companies both local and overseas.

The specialist firms are mainly engaged by the client to do checking as follows:

  • by contacting the previous employer of the job seekers and human resources, verifying the period of employment in the previous firms and confirming the last drawn salary.
  • As for qualification, the educational institutions will also to checked the validation of the study.
  • Checking on possible criminal records
  • Screening through the Internet for any negative references and comment

In the pass practices, the employers are always depend on the referees indicated by the candidates. With the tight labours market in recent years, the screening of referees has been always take it likely by the firm until things when wrong to get the new replacement. The cost of screening and back ground check may increase the operating cost of the companies, however, it can also reduce for the fraud cases and staff turn over which has indirect cost saving in the long run for the businesses.

Private Investigator on Background Check

The private investigation like us also carry out background check for our clients. especially the high profile employee or business partner when they is suspect cases of carry out kickbacks and involved conflict of interest with their current business activities. The more in-depth back ground check and trailing activities may required to surface out the evidence, in some cases, we do provide under cover assignment  to gather the information and ascertain the facts.

The initial screening for the job seekers and in-depth back ground check are equally important for businesses to keep the right staff and genuine employee to keep business growing.

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