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Fraudulent Worker Compensation Claim

What is Worker Compensation Plan

Most of businesses are insured every workers or employee by buying worker compensation plan to cover the accident happen during the course of work. The plan is benefit employee who is get injured in term of of medical certification ( lost wages), medical expenses, treatment expenses etc while the employee recovers from the injury.

There are many case reported that the employee has fraud the claims for personal profit instead of legitimate. The fraud has negative impact to the insurance companies, and the increase of cost of investigation will lead to increase the premium for such services that transferred to the employer.

Therefore, businesses need to be proactive when handling worker compensation claims and prevent false claim by your employee and the injuries person is cover the truth or manipulate the accident.

By hiring Private Investigator, he is a trained individual to handle the false claim and uncover the fraud before the evidence is destroyed.


How the matters being handle by Private Investigator ?

1. Interviews and research the cause of incident

  • Detail questionnaire to identify the cause of incident.
  • record the answer which can be used as evidence in court
  • gathering evidence of incident and treatment copies to help detect fraud
  • Get the right place to conduct research and collect information

2. Background checks and research

  • conduct background check
  • checking for any claims in the past
  • checking the worker was convicted any fraudulent claim in the past

3. Surveillance

  • surveillance the injured worker
  • record audio, video or photo to determine the reality of injured.
  • surveillance record can be proof that shows the worker has exaggerated the medical conditions

4. Evidence gathering

  • Important roles in proving the cases
  • evidence is the proof to determine the right amount of compensation
  • Private Investigator can intelligently handle the claim and prevent fraud.

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