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Work Injury Compensation Claim

When the worker is involved in the injury and accident at the workplace, under the law, the worker is available to claim under the Work Injury Compensation Act ( WICA). All the employer is compulsory to insure the employee and purchase the relevant insurance to cover the workers in their nature of workplace.

As for the employee that no carry out the work as non-manual work and with salary above $1,600, the employers have the flexibility to decide to insure them or not. However, in the case of injury and valid claim, the employe is still required to pay the compensation although there is no insurance coverage for them. More detail it can check it up in MOM website.


Compensation under WICA & Common Law

Any employee who has been suffered in a work injury can be claimed under compensation of WICA or pursue to common law for the compensation, but can’t claim from both.

Work injury Compensation Act

  • No need to prove employer was at fault ( e.g. negligent ) to be eligible for compensation.
  • Compensation is based on fixed formula and capped amount. This includes:
    • Medical Expenses

      • Inpatient and outpatient medical expenses up to $30,000 or up to one year of accident whichever is reached earlier.
    • Medical Leave Wages

      • Full pay for first 14 days of outpatient medical leave and first 60 days of hospitalisation leave
      • Beyond above period, 2/3 pay for up to a maximum period of 1 year following date of accident.
    • Permanent Incapacity (PI) Compensation
      • PI compensation based on employee’s average monthly salary, multiplying factor and the extent of injury suffered.
      • However, the compensation payable is subjected to a minimum ( $73,000 x % PI) and maximum of ($218,000 x % PI). The % PI is determined by medical assessment of the extend of injury suffered.

Common Law (i.e. File Civil Suit)

  • Need to prove employer was at fault to be eligible for compensation
  • Compensation is not capped but the amount of damages has to be proven before the Courts.

Source : Ministry of Manpower Singapore

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