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Matrimonial Investigation Services


Are you feeling depress about your partners ?

When the sweet day of swearing and tie up the knot in Fort Caning Park is gone, the red light for the marriage will just a start to blinking.

The matrimonial dispute is start from the suspicious, conflicts, fights arguments and often lead to depression. Therefore, the matrimonial investigation is playing a crucial part when come to party is looking to catch your cheating spouse or partner, verify the spouse whether involve in adultery/infidelity, background check the partner pass history to the extend of hidden assets.

A suspicion regarding spouse’s extramarital affair, adultery or any other activities are required to handle with cautiously t safeguard the matrimonial alliance., we are the licensed Private Investigator & Detective Agency  by PLRD where has helped many clients to obtain correct information/ evidence and clear the doubts and suspicion which save some marriages from breaking. Other cases, like seriously suspects infidelity, our team is out an end to this fear and anxiety and get the truth.

The length and period of investigation are various from case to case. The ideas stage of collecting the evidence shall start far before the case near to the divorce proceeding, as your spouse may not be alert and easy to gather the facts. If the time frame is too short, and increase the frequency of the surveillance may lead to more alert & defensive of your spouse, and harder or more challenging to get the results. Close discussion the cases and plan to investigation are playing an important roles to success in finding.

Your are not at Fault

We understand that the need to hire a private investigator and discuss your spouse or partner’s infidelity is a very difficult thing to do, but it is important for you to realize that you did not create this situation and no one is judging you.

Get the facts and clear the doubt

Concern about confidentiality

In our engaging approach, clients information to the top confidential, including the consultation to completion of case. Talk to PI in order to review your case and establish the objective of the case. In most case no obligation until you engage the services, and signing the letter of concern. All information will be discreetly, accurately and provide affordable undertake your case.

Most clients are ranging from spouse  ( husband and wide) to the girl/boy friends and need PI help them to get the proof and have a peace of mind to move forward with their life.

Our Private Investigator / PI agency in our portal do carry discreet surveillance to obtain the evidence if we do it successfully, they will always work hand in hand your legal representatives. If there is necessary to testify in court,we will attend the civil proceeding as agreed in our contract.

Talk to our PI agency and thet will provide necessary advise on the matrimonial investigation cases to help you.

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