Think twice before Install Spyware to Catch Cheating Spouse?

You suspect your Spouse is Cheating, think of catch him/her by Spyware?

When you are on doubt, suspicious and want the answer and confirm your spouse is cheating and having affair. You are start thinking and regret the freedom you given and start micro monitoring and confirm the infidelity. Other than start tailing and surveillance your spouse ( refer to our previous post), a lot of spouse is start find change to read sms or email of their spouse. Installation of software ( spyware) to trace your spouse is become a highlight in recent years. Many clients were asking Private Investigator/ Detective Agency to install for them. We are not alone.

Signs of Cheating

Let’s refresh some of tail signs of Spouse is Cheating ( our previous blog) :

1. Changes in Intimacy, whether increase or decrease intimacy compare with before.

2. Hiding phones and talk or texting sms privately.

3. Changes in appearance

4. Suspicious of usage in internet or hand phone with more frequency ( not work related).

5. Changes of work routine such as work late, out station or over time more frequently.

6. Immediate bathing after back home or change of bathing habits.

To confirm your spouse is in affair, despite watch up for the tail sign the next step is to spot check and have it confirm and clear your doubt. However, the most common situation, the first reaction of  a lot of spouse is reacting is get finicky, panic and start queries or micro monitoring which is lead to making he/she more annoyed to you. That is easily make your spouse flee out and increase of conflict or friction. Why ? The main reason is you may have no concrete evidence and just an assumption.

So, what should you do at start when you suspect your spouse is cheating on you?

Don’t guess, and prove it. But how?

Surveillance and sport check your spouse may give you the answer, but it should carry out in longer period of time ( 3 month at least) and shall not carry out too frequently. You need patience and shall not rush for result which may lead you to expose yourself and affect the relationship. As it may just your suspicious and you may just too sensitive due to the change of life style or working condition so that spend less time on you or family.  Give your spouse a benefit of doubt. In order to handle the case more discretely, always ask a professional or licensed private investigator or defective to help you on the surveillance and check it out the truth so that can catch them red-handed.

Untrained people can be easily be spotted and it may spoil the soup eventually.

Your relationship is worth more than anything. We have received many cases where client come to us after their spouse is suspected on them after expose them self. To gather the concrete evidence will get tougher and longer as their spouse is more alert and prepare.

Spyware is legal?

Thinking of Install Spyware on their phone or PC ? Think Twice

Think twice, your spouse may easily notice the battery of hand phone drain off too fast or the PC will suddenly slow down dramatically due to close monitoring of the spyware at the background. That can lead your spouse send it to check on the phone/ PC or will start install anti virus and eventually detect the spyware.

A lot of spyware has provide very promised feature as such :

  • 100 % undetectable, invisible and running in the background
  • intercept the calls and email without knowledge
  • track down their location through GPS
  • record the calls and email on screen, and many more

Sound impressive and therefore, this has lured many client to purchase it online and installed it to their spouse’s phone or PC.

However, you may fall in encroachment of privacy of your spouse and any evidence you obtain may not be admissible in court.  This is illegal and should not be carry out unless obtain a consent from your spouse.

Have you tested the spyware and is it save? or it is just another spyware that spy on you instead? There are so many spyware in fact is another phising method to collect your sensitive data instead.

Why risk yourself and others as their are more proper way to obtain your result securely, safely and legally?  Thinking to install a spyware may lead you to crack your spouse’s hand phone or PC’s password and required physical access to the gadget and permission.

Not convinced and want to know how it should work? Call us.

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