Is my Spouse Surveillance on me ?

You may wonder your spouse or loved one is checking or surveillance on you? How they are doing that and how your loved can do.

Do remember that we are now living in the world that there is not much privacy we have as you think, we can’t hide ourself, even at the internet world. If you think that you can browse most the websites and no ones knows you are visited the sites, although you are not entering your real names or entering any names. Think twice. The cookies, ad-ware and spyware may be somewhere in your PC or hand phone and we are not aware of.

Yup, you may feel suspicious and sense that you are being watched when you are at home or when you are at out side and some one is keep an eye on you, that might be your loved one.

What is common suspicious husband and wife or love one will do, when they think their spouse might be cheating ? The answer is, ask/hire someone ( Private eye) or him/herself surveillance on their spouse. If your spouse will do it her/himself, the chances are you may sense it more easily as they are not well trained as compare to the Private Investigator.

They can easily hire Private eye or Private Investigator to trails you to the meeting place, hotels, darkened bars to take photographs and video as an evidence. Nowadays, there are more spouse  is engaged Private Investigator to use high-tech tracking program to pick up the electronic trail from the email, messaging, whatsapp or phone tracking to assemble damning evidence against the cheating spouse. The trend is increasing where many spouse using online surveillance on their spouse, however, it should be handle in care as there is high chances of infringement of personal privacy. In additional, in some case where the evidence gather is not able to testify in court. ( Refer to previous blog for the spouse plant spyware to monitor his wife)

If the ‘spyware” being installed is legitimate, the PC or phone’s record can be easy trace and tack what the spouse was doing and when. The monitoring and recording can be from reading all incoming and outgoing emails to tracking websites URL to recording and reviewing telephone messages to physically tracking via GPS technology. The IP tracking doesn’t lie, and archived emails can be easily retrieved. Scary right?

By knowing the powerful of internet surveillance on top of conventional trailing by private investigator, this should serve as warning for any spouse that with thoughts of straying. You spouse can engage private investigator to perform surveillance on-line or off-line, don’t do anything you want your spouse to find out about, even it is just a harmless online flirtation.

If you are cheating, better watch out all the signs and be more alert on what the possibility your spouse can do on you.

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