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Private Investigation Surveillance Services


Type of Surveillance Services

The surveillance work is involves of background searches, skip tracing and online searching for the investigation work. The target and objective of surveillance will determine the extend of surveillance length and complexity to gather the information or evidences.









Most commonly surveillance target are :

1. Spousal Surveillance: 

Check your spouse or the life partner to be to confirm involvement of infidelity. A discreet ad tasteful surveillance will clear the doubt and minimize the fears.

2. Business Partner and Employee Surveillance :

Monitor and tracing the business partner or movement of employee to identify the activities involved whether violation of the company policy or discovery of unethical act or disclose of trade secret.

3. Maid Surveillance :

Maid is being part of member of the house is increasingly important of a lot of house owner. Monitoring the movement of the maid in the day and on the day off to ensure there is no involvement of  illegal activities and bring in stranger to the house.

Please keep in mind that the boundary of surveillance is govern by the law, there are certain restriction and legal boundary to be adhere and obtain approval from Police Licensing Regulatory Department before any surveillance activities started. Our listed Private Investigation Company are able to perform all area of surveillance in Singapore, such as Jurong Island, Tuas industrial area, until Pulau ubin.

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Our recent case of surveillance by one of agency  has been involve of the business partner in  our famous Thai food restaurant that being selling off the in house secret recipe to the competitor has been tracked and collected the proof. Don’t let this affect your business and take action after collecting the concrete proof.


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