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Private Investigator Company

Most of Private Investigator Company is formed and integrated from a team of professional where comprising formal police officers, surveyors, investigator that bring the best and serve the client on relevant investigation cases.

Some are associates with partners from  overseas, IT expert and consulting firms, suppliers and counter part from overseas to serve client in Singapore and region demands. For some established company and believe in innovative system technologies and they will continues upgrade to keep up the trend and fulfil the demand  and service range.

Looking for some private investigator company for your cases, contact our listed Private Investigation Agency in our portal.

One Response so far.

  1. Lo Bok Nan says:

    Needs a quote to carry out the following:

    1. Monitoring and collecting photo evidence of a cheating father involving a maid.
    2. Find out the address of the maid and maid’s employer.
    3. If possible, handle the case with maid’s employer. Ultimately we just want the maid to be sent back to Indonesia.

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