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Choose the Cheapest Private Investigation Services?

A lot people may wondering when they need to engage private investigator for their case and not sure how to select and choose if this is the first time need a private detective service. Shall the first consideration will be the price?

Let us take a scenario when you need a contractor to get your house fix , for example to remodeling your existing HDB bathroom. Are you look for Interior designer firm or name advertising in Magazine or public media or walk in to the neighborhood renovation contractor to get a quote? You may wish to choose a contractor that the cheapest available in town or you will consider based on their portfolio, experience and quality that you may comfortable when you talk to them and receive their responses?

PI services

If you have ever engage a contractor before to fix your issue, you may experience some unprofessional “contractor” that collect the down payment and disappear from the work. In some cases, they just appear two days, and stop work without reasons for another week and do work half way and leave a mess in your house. The work is not properly supervise, their worker take short cut and damages things here and there. Although he is the cheapest you get it from the 15 nos of quote, and most of time is freelance and without proper set up company.

Of course, every industrial has the ‘bad sheep” so to private investigation industry. As a consumer, we should make a necessary due diligence checking and consideration prior to have your own choice when you selecting your private investigator agency to follow up your case.

  • Experience and Legitimate

Check on the company background and ensure they are approved and they are licensed by PLRD.  Do ensure the persons that consult you are licensed private investigator and experience enough to handle and understand your case. Undoubtedly, you desire somebody who is skilled however beware when somebody appears to be highlighting that their experience card too. Ultimately  you are looking for somebody who is truthful and who has a record of success and professionalism.

  • Check on Review

You may check out the review of the Private Investigator Agency your are shortlist via online/ offline or get a third opinions from people that you know and engage them before. If you have 3 experts’ recommendations from Lawyers firms that would be even more better.


  • Get the Right Guy

Not all Private Investigator are having the same expertise and capacities for the Investigation job that you are looking at. For example, some PI agency are unable to provide computer system forensic, bug sweeps, stationary camera installation etc. as some time your case may need to involve or more complex.  You may ask the private detective what are the best service and expert that they can provide and good at.

  •  Busy PI or Free PI

Will the busy schedule PI is better or free or you may prefer the free and no busy PI to follow up your case. Perhaps, that will be arguable and debatable as some time different agency has their low and high seasons and resources commitment. However, for an expert, they actually are able to deal with their work and disciplined enough to achieve the jobs promptly. This is always wise to ask private detective about his current workload ( some time they have a big cases) and current commitment whether can confidently take up your task.


The above points not meant as a thorough for all when you considering to employ a private investigator. Of course, the price and the cheapest quote is not always the first priority when you select your PI to follow up your task as you may only have a chance to do a good job before ruin the case. Do consider more aspect when consider to engage a PI agency other the price factor.

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