How Much to Hire a Private Investigator?

What is the budget to hire a Private Investigator ?

If you are thinking of engage or hire a Private Investigation services, the fees or charges of the services may be one of top consideration of everyone. The cost ranges may be vary depend types of services ( from $50 per hour) and extensive of investigation.


Price Range depend on :

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  • Type of Services
  • Extensive of the investigation (resources & equipment)
  • complexity of the cases
  • Period of surveillance

The fees may be fix rate or on day work rate with minimum hour rate, however, it will depend on the type of services to be engaged. The fee range per hour rate may vary from $50 or more ( depend on cases) , and excluding additional fees.

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The common Fix rate services are :

  • record search
  • background check
  • ” GPS monitoring”
  • Etc.

How much is the Deposit for a start ?

Most of the Private Investigator Agency require to collect deposit before start of assignment. The amount of deposit to be collected depend on specific type of services that engaged.

For example, the commercial fraud investigation may require a deposit of $5000 while matrimonial case may require a deposit of $500 up to $3000  ( or 50% of the agreed packages) depend on the following factors:

  • length of surveillance hours estimated
  • mode of transportation involved
  • location
  • resources and equipment to be deployed.


Be Realistic

Do expect to render the progressive payment for the services if your case is prolonged along the investigation. You need to be patience  if the results are not promising as you think when investigation is kick start at initial stage, and don’t expect every days there is your result you want ( as we are not Movie Director). Trust your Private Investigator that you hire, discuss plan together and shall not “micro management” to ask for results “minutes to minutes” during the investigation is on going as it may not helping but harm the investigation operation instead. ( Discuss in separate blog)

Set you realist time schedule and budget to carry out the investigation is important, no point allow only 3 operation “time” to “get your result” and upset as you are run out of budget thereafter. This is waste of everyone time and your money too.

Investigation is expensive to a lot of normal person or some organisation ( or business), however, come to a stage that it become a necessity rather than a preferable. When you are sick, you may seek for your own knowledge to buy medicines from the pharmacy your self. Read and check reference from the internet to cure your sickness. However, when the case is serious and required specialist to perform the operation and intensive medication, you are better to get a qualified doctor instead. Are you seek around the market to test all the doctors ? ( May be seek for second opinions or perform a second time operation)

Think carefully and start the investigation when you needed. Discuss with genuine Private Investigator Agency for second opinions. Have a clear objective and don’t fall into a scenarios that you are run out of budget but your case is on the midst. It is a waste of effort if you stop the operation half way and the result may just a foot away? Do not give up too fast.

Stop Investigation case too fast










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