How the Private Investigator can fail the Case?

That’s quite often the potential clients who have the ongoing divorces process, failing to get confirmation of spouse in involvement of infidelity are asking the Private Investigator or Agency what is the successful rate on their case.

How Private Investigate fail the case










In other way, clients shall remember the common factors that may cause your case not successful by engaging your private investigator or detectives.

  • Do it Yourself

Some client believes that they can do the investigation on their own to collect the evidence and questioning their spouse in matrimonial case. Not many clients have been enough knowledge, skills or experience to handle the case and at the end cause the spouse being more alert and hard to gather the strong evidences. To be successful, a tactic taught, strategic plans with enough resources are important to win the battles.

Most of clients come to us after their “DIY” investigation are generally taking longer period to obtain the evidence or low successful case.

  •  Delay or Fail to Take Action

In many case, the divorces case for example can be recover from the infidelity and can develop a stronger relationship when the issues are in early stage. Most infidelity often occurs in healthy relationships; if the issues are address and confirm earlier, many steps and prevention can be taken and the relationship can be easily recover.

Don’t keep it and cover under the blanket, and expect the matters will over. Find out the issues earlier and take a proactive approach may always give positive results at the end.

Start earlier so that you have more time to working with private investigator to “collect” the evidence ‘as usual”. If you are running out of time, and your spouse is aware or suspicious you are engage private investigator, he or she may not likely to “take action”.

  •  Engage a Wrong Private Investigator / Agency

Most of private investigator will claim they are the best in town. However, there are Private Investigators have more knowledge to handle some cases are they involve and taking in those specialized areas with many resources and connection.

Do research the Private Investigator/ Agency that you intend to engage. Visit them, and meet them in their office to understand more them and explain your cases instead of enquiry over the phone. Check the Police Licensing Regulatory Department and ensure they are registered and licensed agency.

Use your instincts and trust it. If your first impressions are not in your favour and not confidence, don’t’ engage or try them. Next please.

A legitimate investigator will have no skeletons to hide and will not make irresponsible promises. The right investigator, much like any honest hard-working individual, will pride him/herself on performing their job the right way to the best of their ability.

  • Be Cheap

You get what you pay for.

If your case is complex and specialized knowledge and resources to solve it, the fees will not come cheap. In some cases, the back ground work may need specialized knowledge and resources, the surveillance time required many resources and equipment, the case might take longer than expectation and end up a bigger bills.

Be prepared for the worst scenario with sufficient budget. Don’t start to engage private investigation and find the cheapest in town, as it may turn worst on your case instead of helping.

Do your homework, you may find the right and reliable private investigator/ agency.

  • Engage Multiple Private Investigator and Detectors

Jumping from one Private investigator / agency to the other and hope to collect the desire results you want. If you are suspicious on your spouse and yet to find the evidence although have been tried a few private investigator, that is likely too many learning curve for each investigator to familiar your case.

Work with your Private Investigators or Agency to study your case and build a plan to rule out all the possibilities. The working rapport and understanding is another key point to success in the case.

  •  Poor Communication

Although there is not necessary to meet up your private investigator too often, but a good communication and discussion with him is important. Tell him the new pattern or changes of your spouse when you come alert. The clues and facts may help in finding the cases.

Stay open to share thinking and ask for advice. Do not too serious or suspicious of all your finding, stay open to rule out the possibilities and focus on clear your doubt by uncover the fact.

  •  Always is in “Sunny” Day

Thinking that your surveillance team is able to catch your spouse on every time of operation will be not in realistic. Do remember that whatever information’s that gathers will not be anything that supports your case, the worst scenario is if it is obtain from “illegal mean”, it will not be able to testify in court, you will lose the case.

Stay calm and looking out for opportunities and chances.

  •  Disregard Your Private Investigators Instructions

If you have chosen the right private investigator/ agency, he has a great deal of knowledge and experience. If you do not trust his opinions and his instructions, then hire someone else. You may think that you know your case or spouse more than other people ( by right you should), but this is not always the case. Trust your PI you hire, they have their expertise that’s why you are hire them. You are welcome to provide your opinion and discuss a plan together.

There are rules and regulation governs the private investigator and agency by PLRD Singapore, they do have code of ethic to be followed and can’t be violated.

  •  Don’t Do Your Homework

You will win a case if you have the best attorney, reliable private investigator, and you are well prepared and in favour to you if you have the best evidence.

The process of investigation needs time and preparation. Do your “homework” and prepare yourself to fight for the case will win half of the battle. Understand the role of everyone and make a right choices and actions of your case.


The journey is started since issues raise your alert and will long to be end until the case resolve with your spouse.  By understand the factors of fail the case will help you and be more prepare when thinking to engage private investigator.

So, be aware of the things and reaction in your eye of spouse. Take an active role to work with your team, follow advice, and work closely with your attorney for that successful outcome.

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