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How to Find A Licensed Private Investigator Agency?

Looking for Private Investigator or Detective to help you on your case? Be it a individual or corporate, you may want to find some one is legitimate and licensed to work on your case instead of those freelance and non licensed ( expired or retire) private eye to help you up.

Licensed Private Investigator & Freelance Private Investigator

Is there a different between unlicensed or “freelance ” Private Investigator in the market?

Despite they are more cheaper, the experience,  commitment and responsibility will be comprised. However, the most important part is all the evidence that gather by them is not admissible in the court. There are great different why the unlicensed PI is quoted cheap and the price may base on “low budget” resources or may be only him/herself to perform the work compare with a team by the licensed and committed agency. They operate their business anywhere without an office (in mobile) and likely their commitment on the business is less compare with agency. You can do your maths base on the factors highlighted above.

Some of Private Investigator or Detective may operate freelance with some other agency and getting extra jobs when they are free. The commitment of the case will be distracted and results will be compromised too.

“Sub-Contracting ” Private Investigation Job

Wait, don’t under estimate that there are a lot of Private Investigator Agency which is charge “premium fee” but “sub-contracting” your job to the ” freelance Private Investigator”. There are claimed that they have a “proper office”, few teams of operation teams and always done by experience “retire  ex-pxxxxx”, in fact, most of the contract there are sub-contract to the “freelancer” with lower hour rate. With lower fee pay out, don’t expect a higher commitment for your case. Watch out for these type of agency and run as fast as you can.

How could you avoid the problem before you sign the contract:

Private Investigator Agency






1. Legitimacy

A well established Private Investigator Agency will be advised client properly and perform ethical surveillance to help on the client case. If there is any issues along the investigation, the agency have a legitimate position to handle the case when involved on police and being complaints. How sad it is when you need to handle extra stress and headache on the PI you hire?

2. Commitment & Assurance

With proper setup and team work to work on individual cases, the commitment level and assurance will be reflected on the results. Face to face talk to the PI to understand their experience on your cases and see what is their commitment and minutes it down into the contract, if possible.

3. Resources

The licensed agency will tend more domains in the market and resourceful.  Connection with the local industry, commerce, banking, media and law firms in both nationally and internationally will help a lot when the cases are leading to more complex and diversify than the initial plan.

Test them a few questions how they performing some background check. If everythings are confidential and can’t be disclosed, your case may also be close up likely.

4. Technologies

Most of licensed agency will invest on IT technologies and latest equipment to improve the productivity and help on the operation. It is more business sense to invest on the technologies and equipment when commitment and dominate the market is the priority and their main concern.

More latest technologies being used by the PI, the changes of increase of the result may increase too. If the PI agency is always emphasis on ” manpower surveillance”, the cost to engage more PI will be expected. At the end, you will be the one to pay for the cost.

5. Confidentially & Privacy

The PI agency will be more careful to protect their client as same of important to protect their name. They will be a proper storage and protection of the data/information/ evidence collected for each of the client. They will have a protocol and operation manual for each parties to to handle or involve on the cases. Without a proper office/storage and protocol, there are hardly and difficult to secure all the data and high chances of leakage of information is unavoidable.

How to Check The Private Investigator Agency with valid licensed ?

You may find the links below to check the name of agency before you engage, check PI Agency.

Or, alternatively, you may visit the office and request them to show you the licensed ( normally display in prominent place), and don’t forget to check the expiry date.



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