Tips to Hire Private Investigator in Singapore

First Time Think of Hire Private Investigator  In Singapore?

For sure, not many people have the experience to engage Private Investigator and this type of service may not be commonly use by individual, unless the corporation are actively engage Private Investigator in auditing the employees.

Many reasons will lead to individual start thinking of hire a private investigator or detective when they need to track down a long lost loved one, need to surveillance on their cheating spouse or monitoring movement of their child.


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There are more than 120 Private Investigator Agency in Singapore ( as of Oct 2014), and how you are going to select one that suit you and feel comfortable? Can you hear the recommendation from your friend that ever use it before? or Can you trust his/her “one time” service is good enough to gauge and review the agency? Do your homework.

For first timer, below are some suggestion and guide to help you in decisions, as you are more in better position to carry out some ground work and doing due diligence before you make a hiring decision from a Private Investigator/ Detective or from a Agency.

1. Hire Licensed Private Investigator

All Private Investigator is required to be obtained licensed yearly and audited by Police Licensing Regulatory Department Singapore. Verify their licensed whether is valid and avoid the ‘freelance Investigator” to avoid the risk your case. If you have a choice, go for a agency instead of “one man” Private Investigator, as their commitment level for the assignment may not be so high. It may not be all the case, but there is high probability.

You can check the name of the valid agency on this >>>link.


You may ask them to show you the copy of their license and check the expiration date and verify the name on-line.


2. Check the Feedback

Do some checking on the background, to identify their ethical standards, way to doing their business, and the outcome of the previous case etc. If you happen to know someone use their service before, you may get their comments for reference.

The other way is check their website, do they have one and well maintained? Is their website are updated with quality information? If they website is outdated, it may be another sign of the business is out of business soon.

3. Resume of the Private Investigator

Evaluate the history of the relevant experience. Looking for experience in law enforcement, government organisation that involved before, check the past relevant education, special training and continuing education credentials.

Some Private Investigator is not fully involved in Private Investigation, where they may have the other core business such as Security. Their team may not be full time on Private Investigation services and your assignment may have less attention or put in full commitment to get the results.

4. Meet in Persons at the Private Investigator Agency’s Office

Before engage them, try to meet them in person if you can in their office. Some Private Investigator is operate without official office, and this is another point to consider their commitment of work. By visiting their office will help you gain the comfort and assess the legitimacy of the business.

Shall you hire those without proper office? Your decision making shall make on overall score points instead of the “look” only. Work with those that you feel comfortable.

5. Agreed on the Pricing

Discuss the pricing upfront and agreed on the hourly fees, package fees, extra charge or flat rate, expense reimbursement, fees to testify in court etc. Ask the rate and the extend of fees that included for how many resource when in each operation. Estimate your cost and budget your cost for the whole investigation process. Get a realistic advise from genuine Private Investigator Agency.

List out your objective, results that you are expected.

Sign the warrant to act and the contract before investigation kick start.

6. Looking for Best/ Top  Private Investigator/ Detective Agency in Singapore ?

Don’t hurry to rush for the best  or top Private Investigator in town before go through your own score systems. Highest price doesn’t guarantee the results, so be the lowest rate doesn’t mean lousy services. The key of selection should opt for reliable, committed, ethical, resourceful and experience to take up your case.

7. Discuss with Private Investigator/ Detective

Provide necessary information to facilitate the surveillance process. Discuss techniques, and methods to be used by Private Investigator on your case when the contract is signed. Specify type of information required and to be ethical and able to testify in court.  If the Private Investigator can promise you everything he can do to obtain any type of information and evidence, for sure including the illegal means, you might thick twice whether to hire the agency.

Top or best Private Investigator Agency ?

Some people will wiling to pay the premium price for taking a cab instead of normal taxi for the better service  and faster results ( am I say the taxi is “racing car”?). To gauge the agency is top or best will have different set of criteria to rate them and a reasonable good and committed Private Investigator is always your first choice when you first time to engage one. Don’t be con by the “lowest price” and ripped off by the ” Top star” agency.

The above is just a simple and some guidelines to help you to decide and select your private investigator or agency that meet your expectation of service standard and results.

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