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Subrogation Insurance Investigations

The subrogation  refers to a situation that insurance company try to recover expenses of fraud claim which is involved unethically cheat and fabricated the facts in some case to obtain the the benefits. The party may manipulative the losses and it can be not in tactful and planned manner which involved forged documents and faked or unrealistic claim that illegal.

Private Investigator or detectives may involved in such subrogation cases to investigate the details of an accident, investigate the claim process and verification the facts and ascertain the damages.

insurance claim investigation









The normal range of claim investigation other than subrogation claim  may includes the following :

  • Fraud claim investigation

  • life insurance claim investigation

  • Third party claim investigation

  • Medical claim investigation

  • Theft claim  Investigation

  • Personal claim investigation

  • Stolen vehicle and vehicle crash investigation

The investigation and reports will be described in facts with finding and supported with convincing evidence during the process of investigation.

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